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  • Shivu5000

    Hey guyz i have been thinking a lot abt the return of the kreig pirates from grandline to east blue..............reasons.......

    1) a clear and easy way from "grandline to other blues" not yet shown or told in the story.

    2) kreig was not strong or idiot enough to go through calm belt.

    3) i dont think reverse mountain has the i only has 4 incoming currents and only 1 outgoing current into the grandline.

    4) and even if there is any way out of the grandline in other half (ie NEW WORLD), but kreig didnt go the new world....he couldn't even hold onto the strength of 1st half of grandline.

    So still i m not sure the way he chose to get out of there.......and one more thing Mihawk followed him.....whatever way he chose with …

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