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I was digging through some stuff in my photobucket and well since I am in a nice mood today, I feel like showing you guys some old WIP roughsketches drawn by various artists that I've collaborated with from the past and present. Most of these were from multiple attempts at making the illustrations that you've seen in the Rokushiki Robin page.

Update: Added some more rough sketches, as well as the links to the final versions of the techniques (just click on the technique names).

Here are some very old rough sketches from Magion02 :

Tetsuhana "Koubin" :

Jushigan "Hiiro" :

Kaika Rankyaku "Fan no mai" :

Kai Soku: Rokukougan :

Rankyaku "Kuushuu" :

Kaika Geppo "Gekkou Kuratchi" :

Now here are some old sketches from Darkeyez07 :

Kaika Tobu Shigan Kenpo :

Yongoushigan "Narcissus" :

Tetsuhana "Sokusai" :

Tetsuhana "Hanarin" :

Kaika Rankyaku "Keibajou" :

Kaika Geppo :

Tetsuhana "Chaajingu Coreopsis" :

And finally here are some from MetalHanzo :

RenHuaQiangQuan "Qiān Tui Zidan":

Kaika Shigan Kenpo "Kouren Soku" :