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Some news + a random sketch!

Finally finished moving into my very first place which is a very nice apartment. My apartment is right across a pool area and a fitness room which is freaking sweet, not to mention that there is a Pizza hut (my favorite pizza restaurant), a Kroger, a Braums, and my favorite Chinese restaurant, Skillmon Wok, that are just a walk away! :D

Now the only problem is that money is gonna be tighter then ever since I have plenty of bills to pay per month so there won't be any commissioned artwork for my projects for a while. Damnit! ;_;

Oh and just for the heck of it, here is a week old random sketch of how effective Robin’s powers would be when combined with Busoshoku Haki (aka "Color of Armaments" Haki):

And yes, I am quite aware that I misspelled Paramecia. lol

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