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Update 2/25/12:

A new technique has been added in the Rokukougan (aka Rokuougan) section. Also, one of the already existing techniques in the section has been given a new name!

  • Ryōmen: Jūnikougan (Two-side: Twelve queen gun)(RC) (N) (M) (H) (OS) (Clones required: 1 if including the real Robin, 2 if it's clones only) – In this technique, two Robins (one in front of the enemy on and one behind him) will unleash a Rokukougan simultaneously on both sides of the enemy.
  • Nijūyonkougan (twenty four queen gun)(RC) (N) (M) (H) (OB)(OS) (Clones required: 3 if including the real Robin, 4 if it's clones only) – In this technique, four Robins (two on top of the other two) will unleash a Rokukougan on a large enemy.

Btw, there will be five more illustrations coming up soon (all from two new artists)!

Also, remember that messy roughsketch of Rokushiki Robin in a random action scene that I made like a month or so ago?

Well check out what magion02 is cooking up for me! :)

Yep, he is going to make full-fledged complete version of this page as a commission for me. If this goes well, I will finally gain the courage and enthusiasm to make that comic that I told you some of guys about. :)