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Update 3/10/12: 3 new techniques added in the Rankyaku section, with the latter two being variations of the first one!

  • Kaika Rankyaku "Daisā" (Dicer) (N)(M)(H)(OB)(C) - This technique is where Robin creates three or four vertical air blades simultanously and immediately follows it up with three or four horizontal air blades simultaniously, causing all 6 or 8 air blades to form into what looks like a pattern of a net. The attack is named after a kitchen tool known as the food dicer which is used to cut foods such as potatoes and other veggies into pieces.
  • Kaika Rankyaku "X-Daisa" (X-Dicer) (N)(M)(H)(OB)(C) - basicaly the same as "Daisa" only that all the air blades are all diagonal instead of vertical and horizontal.
  • Cross formation: Kaika Rankyaku "Chou Daisa" (Mega Dicer) (RC) (N) (M) (H) (OB) (Clones required: 4 if including the real Robin, 5 if it's clones only) - A far more powerful version of Daisa that revolves around using clones to create an even larger "Daisa" attack! It starts off with five Robins going into a cross position (with one Robin in the left, one on the right, one at the top, one at the bottom, and one in the middle). Then the horizontal row simultaneously unleashes 3 vertical triple/quadruple Rankyaku with the vertical line immediately following it up with 3 horizontal triple/quadruple Rankyaku simultaneously. If done correctly, this will result in causing the both vertical and horizontal air blades to form into a much bigger version of Daisa!

This is the rankyaku that inspired me to create the Daisa technique, used by Kaku for the first time against Luffy over at Iceberg's mansion and used again by Bleuno and some generic marine enemies in One piece Kaizoku Musou:

Another thing I want to mention is that I am still open to ideas for future short Rokushiki Robin comics so if you have any, please do post it. :D