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Wow, it's been a long dang time since I have made a blog post, hasn't it?

Well anyways, let's start with some quick thoughts about chapter 739 and what I think of Dessora arc so far. From the looks of it, the arc is getting better and better, especially with Sabo being alive and kicking ass! As for the current chapter itself, I find it as an OK chapter, but it could’ve been better. Kyros being the toy soldier is not surprising to me at all and seeing Robin in her previous clothes instead of her disguise was quite awkward. I'm guessing that she must have dressed up the clone like a guard while she hides somewhere. Anyway, this chapter gets a 3/5 from me. I hope the next one is better.

Next up is the one thing that's been long overdue, and that is the complete version of chapter two of Shadow blossom! But before we do that, I feel that I must inform you all that chapter one has been revised (thanks to my new co-writer for this story, Misa-kike-chi), and thus rebooted the story in order to make it better. Here's the new chapter one:


Now here is the long awaited chapter 2!! Enjoy!


Edit: I can only give you guys the links to the chapters for now since I'm having a bit of trouble posting the entirety of the chapters here. But I will get to that once the problem is sovled. Thank you!