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OK, let's get the small update out of the way first:

I think I have found my co-writer for my fanfic (for chapter 2 at least). After seeing his re-write of the first half of the chapter, I was quite impressed (despite the small flaws in it like the way he kept calling Robin by her family name instead of her first name). I'm now in the middle of writing some bits and pieces for the second half which should be done soon so I can send it to him to see what he can do with it and if all goes well, Chapter 2 should be fully ready by next week or so. Still no progress on chapter 3 yet but hopefully that will change soon.

Now on the update of my Rokushiki Robin project:

Update 8/25/12:

Shigan section updated with a description added for Kaika Shigan Kenpo "Red Clover", plus a rough sketch!! There are also some rough sketches added for the following techniques: Ranpa, Tekkai "Beam Swing", and Tetsuhana "Wrecking Ball"!

Tetsuhana “Wrecking ball”(N) (M) (H) (OS) – Robin first a vertical line of arms (like an arm rope/vine). She then creates a huge ball of arms at the end of the rope and have the “arm rope” swing at its targets, hardening it with Tekkai right before impact! Tekkai “Beam Swing”(N) (M) (H) (OS) – Similar to Wrecking ball, only with Robin herself using her “arm rope” to swing herself towards her target and smashes into it/him/her legs first, hardening both of her legs with Tekkai right before impact! The attack itself is described as if she was using herself as a metal beam part that you see used at construction sites.

Kaika Shigan Kenpo "Red Clover" (N)(H)(T)(M)(OB) - A very powerful technique where Robin spouts many arms out of both of her regular arms until they form into what looks like a large "Red Clover" flower, hence the name. This attack is best used against two or three regular-sized opponents or a very large opponent.

Ranpa (Storm Wing) - While in her "Wings" form, Robin simply creates air blades with her wings instead of her legs.

(Note: And yes, the wings look like shit in this pic but I did my best. lol)