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Hey guys, its been a while!

Just letting you guys know that I am almost done making my little book of my Rokushiki Project which should be done soon. Also I am in the middle of saving up for an apartment so there won't be any commissioned artwork for some time so you can just expect roughsketches for here on out. In speaking of Rough skteches, here's one the I did of Kaika Soru "Heki" (Burst).

(note: The whole process is in slow motion in order to show how the technique is done)

And in case you don't know what it is, here is the description:

During Soru, Robin will immediately sprout two extra legs and have them kick off the ground a few times in an instant, which will, if done correctly, give her a quick boost, allowing her to maintain her imperceivable superhuman speed longer than usual, along with moving slightly faster then a normal Soru. Robin can repeat this process multiple times throughout Soru either at steady successions (to constantly keep moving and striking at the same extreme speeds for longer periods, thus prolonging the technique) or in quicker successions (to accelerate and keep increasing her speed but in return shortening the time of the technique) as long as she doesn't over do it.