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New Rokushiki Robin artwork 10/17/12

Shinjojin October 18, 2012 User blog:Shinjojin

Well it seems a certain artist who I commissioned for 4 illustrations for the project a year ago had finally got around to start finishing the remaining three! ^_^

Here's the first one:

Here is Robin using Kaika Shigan kenpo "NiJuushigan: Hiiro" (Blooming finger bullet style "twenty finger bullets: Scarlet"), only that she is using only her sprouted arms instead of all her arms.

Kaika Shigan kenpo "NiJuushigan: Hiiro" (Blooming finger bullet style "twenty finger bullets: Scarlet") -A rapid-firing shigan attack that is simply the same as Shigan "Madara", Only with 10 arms instead of two arms, along with each hand using two fingers instead of one. The technique is named after the state flower of Ohio, the Scarlet Carnation.

(Note: The reason why it looks like somewhere between 22 to 30 shigans is due to how rapidly fast the technique is.)

Drawn by the lovely CCann!!:D

Btw, here's the one she drew for me months ago before taking a hiatus to focus on her medical exams. It's a pic of Robin using a random Rankyaku technique while in wing form.

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