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Ok, I got around to reading the whole chapter yesterday and here are my thoughts:

While I do find the ongoing fight between Doflamingo and Luffy super enjoyable with all the new techniques that were shown,  it did felt a little short to me. As for the part with Riku making another speech to all the civilians, i didn't really care for it, nor did i care for the scene with Franky and the dwarfs. Also, I wasn't surprised about Burgess being the person that Koala was talking to Sabo about long ago, nor was I surprised about Haki having a limitation since it's pretty obvious with Haki being the "Ki" of the One Piece world and such so that was a given.

However, what really got my attention in this chapter was the info about the devil fruits' awakened states, which i though only applied to the zoan fruit users back in Impel down. The existence of awakened Paramecia and awakened Logia fruits had me very intrigued since that definitely does open up a lot of possibilities. Hmm, I wonder what Robin's Hana Hana fruit's awakened abilities would be like...or.....maybe if its possible that she already had awakened  her fruit and we didn't even noticed it until now. I mean it does make a lot of sense if you think about it. It would definitely explain a few things about her post-TS abilities, ESPECIALLY how she was able to create those flapping hands to execute her Moth Orchid technique, which most of us assumed that she sprouted them out of the air or sprouted them out of the ground and have them "release/detach" themselves off the ground when in actuality, even though it's still somewhat like the latter, she turned the surrounding flowers into hands and have them flap above ground and into the air like butterflies. Like i said, it's only a possibility. As for why Robin didn't bother to tell Luffy about this (assuming if it really was the case), it probably may have something to do with a potential requirement, something that would not sit well with Luffy at all as it might go against his principles. Anyway, this is all theory at the moment.

So yeah, that's all I have to say on the chapter for now. Overall, this chapter was good but not as good as the previous chapter. Still, I am looking forward to the next chapter since a part of me does feel that Doflamingo is not down and out juuuuust yet. :)