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Hello guys!

Just letting you guys know that I am planning on continuing my Nico Robin fanfic I have been putting on hold for quite some time, Shadow Blossom:

It's a story based on my unfinished fan profile that I made for my version of Robin (which is a combined version of "Rokushiki style" Robin and "Huaquandao style" Robin). However the story will have some alterations (or modifications for a better word) to differnate it from the profile just make to Robin a little less overpowered in the story.

But the thing is that I am going to need a co-writer to help me out with this baby since my story telling skills are quite weak IMO. So if there is anyone out there who is a skilled writer and a fan of Nico Robin or/and One piece in general, hit me up so we can work something out!

See ya guys! :)


I apologize for posting this entry multiple times everyone. The system glitched on me witch had something to do with the "facebook connect" feature but everything is cool now.