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OK, it's been awhile since I talked about my upcoming fanfic and the reason why it's been taking longer then I planned was due to my co-writer and I being too busy with other things so it has been quite difficult to get this done.

Anyway, to make up for all this, I decided to share with you all of what we got down so far. Be warned that this chapter is still far from complete as it's only over 70% done so far with a lot of stuff missing. This chapter takes place 3 years after the prologue chapter:

Time: Child Weapon Period, 1505 A.O.P
Location: Secret Faculty, ???

A short, young woman garbed in a loose, flowing purple dressed stared up at the stone behemoth in front of her. Three years have passed since her first day entering inside and beginning her training. Nico Robin was no longer the girl she had been back then; the weak, lonely, left over Oharan. Instead, now she'd become a dangerous assassin, already on the path to being one of the world's strongest living weapons. All thanks to the "Black Rose" project.

"You may enter." The black suited, as typical for government agents, motioned her inside the building to meet with her superiors. Today was a special day for the young 11-year-old Nico Robin. The day she would take on her first mission. Very likely it would be dangerous and life threatening, but Robin had long ago decided to laugh in the face of danger.
"Derishishi." She mused to herself entering into the dark building. Shadows cast from nowhere, hiding the location in an aura of mystery. Even the older gentleman sitting behind the desk was cast in his own darkness, blackness descending down his face so that only his glasses glittered ominously.

"Shadow Blossom..." He began, rearranging the various hidden papers on his desk. "For your very first assignment you'll be going into Loguetown. Your false identity will be that of an orphan sent by a supplier to be a new playmate for Hutzil, a wicked pirate captain known widely for molesting children on a daily basis." He paused, handing over Hutzil's wanted poster to Robin.

She grimaced looking at his face. Despite being only worth 8 million beri, the man even looked despicable through a picture. She could easily imagine being a defenseless child faced against a monster. After all, what was the world government but the biggest monster of them all?
Her handler continued on. "Once you have arrived inside his hideout you are to find a certain file of documents for us containing classified information. After you've obtained these documents you are to eliminate Hutzil and his entire pirate crew. Use whatever means are needed. Leave no traces behind. Can you handle that?"

"Yes, I can." Robin mumbled, fumbling with the bounty poster in her hands. She looked up blankly from the poster, staring into the shining glasses, the only visible thing on the man she could see. "What about the children?"

"Hmm? Oh, yes. You may rescue them if time permits, but the main objectives are more important than civilian casualties. Don't lose sight of your goal. Understood?" The mysterious handler asked, Robin, having been trained for such things, noticed an edge to his tone of voice.

"Yes, sir." She sighed. Just as she thought. The world government were monsters.

"Great. As per our parameters if you are compromised and put into danger, there will be no rescue. The mission begins in three days, use it wisely to prepare yourself. The success of the first mission is critical to determining your future." He stopped abruptly, beginning to shuffle his papers. Robin waited patiently.
"Why is it so dark in here? I can't read a thing... Lights! Can I get some li-" Equally as abrupt he looked up, jumping back as if shocked to discover Robin still there. "What're you waiting for? Go now."

"Ahh, yes. Sorry." Robin smiled, bowing with a sweep of her dress towards her superior officer as she slipped away into the abyssal darkness towards the exit. The bow might have been a bit much, but appearances were the easiest thing to deceive with. She had to become one of them, or at least make them think she was, in order to infiltrate and destroy.

"Oh, Shadow Blossom... how clever we think we are..."

Lougetown, 4 Days Later

Waves lapped gently against the wood of the docks, over powered by the yelling and bustling coming from the crowd gathered on it. Seamen, shop keeps, and normal citizens alike all streamed along the wooden outposts, barely paying any attention to which ships sailed in or out. So long as they didn't belong to them, or possess a Jolly Roger, there were much more important things to worry about in the day. Well, for some people at least.

"Alright, it looks like that fool came through after all." Decker grinned, wiping grimy hands of dirt and chicken grease across his brown, once white shirt. "All hands to the ship!" A group of men responded to his orders, quickly shuffling over towards the water as the ship inched in closer. Decker, being the man of power he often bragged about, chose to slowly mosey over.

As the ship set down it's anchor, tossing out a mooring line to be secured Decker grinned even wider. As one of the commanders of Hutzil's crew he was in charge of making sure that everything always went smoothly. Dealing with wimpy suppliers sometimes meant that things didn't always go smoothly. And when things didn't go smoothly... well, neither did his meetings with Captain Hutzil.

"You know what to do! Find our shipment..." The crew went dashing into the ship, all racing over each other to reach the cargo area first. They didn't like their meetings with Captain Hutzil too much either. Deciding this might take a while, and also deciding he had the power to do such things, Decker leaned against a straggling barrel lighting him a cigarette.

He slowly breathed out a steady stream of smog, occasionally shouting out random orders to continue the search. The crew pretended they were grateful to be reminded what would happen if they didn't. Fifteen minutes went by before they found a barrel echoing with the sounds of whimpering. Jackpot.

"Sir! We've found it!" Said one of the crewmembers who's name Decker had never, and didn't plan to, learned.

"Excellent, bring it here!" Decker barked, refusing to move as he continued puffing contentedly on his cigarette. A group of men hauled the barrel in front of him, forming a circle around the commander so that no wondering eyes would happen to glance over. Thinking of Captain Hutzil they weren't sure whether the secrecy was for his safety of the citizens.

Absentmindedly ashing his cigarette, Decker violently kicked open the bar and stared into the tear filled eyes of a jittery, blonde-haired young girl. "Oh hoho, the captain will definitely like this one! Alright men, time to head on back!" Without a second glance at the girl, Decker moseyed away as his crew recapped the barrel and hoisted it onto their shoulders.

As the whimpering began again, the two men carrying the barrel shared a chuckle. One of them took the initiative of calming her down, whispering into the hole of the barrel, "Don't worry yer pretty lil' head Missy. The captain will take very good care of you. Hehe!"

Nico Robin stared out of the little hole with a blank gaze, memorizing the man's face. As much as she wants to snap his neck with her powers right then and there, she has to bind her time and continue to play the weak and helpless girl.

Hutzil pirates hideout, 30 minutes later

After arriving inside the hideout, which is a very tall building that looks like it’s abandoned for years, Robin, who is still inside the barrel, sprouted an eye out of the side of the one of the henchmen’s bandanas (since it will just look like it’s part of the bandana’s design to the untrained eye) and took her time to scope the layout of the place as they all move along. She even used her Kenbushoku Haki to count how many people are in the hideout. “Hmm, there seem to be at least over 400 living presences here, 20 if them being very weak. I’m guessing those 20 must be the children.” She thought to herself.

They finally came before Hutzil himself who looks like a big fatso with a metal eye and a cape. “Ah so this is the one, bring her to me!”

“You heard him, take her out of the barrel and show him”, says Decker. The henchmen proceed to drag her out of the barrel and toss her right in front of Hutzil. He went to take a closer look at her.

“Ooh yes, I am gonna have some fun with you for sure” Says Hutzil as he sticks his tough out and licks her cheeks. What a disgusting human being indeed. “Take her to her cell!”

“Yes captain!” says Decker as he drags her to her cell that 2 floors above the main hall.

Once they arrived at a small room, Decker screams “In you go, bitch!” as he tosses her into her cage. “You two guards keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t escape!”

“Aiyai, sir!”

As he leaves, she looked up at both of the guards, analyzing them while still acting scared. She then sprouts an arm at the corner of the room and haves it throw a piece of rock or something. Both of the guards heard the noise and decided to check out what it was “You stay put, brat.” As soon as they leave put of her sight, she stops her fake crying and looks around to make sure the cost is clear.

“Good, I believe it’s time to go to work now” she thought to herself as an sprouted arm untied her. She was then able to escape the cage thanks to her abnormal flexibility which she gained from her Kami-e training. Sensing the two guards returning, she went and hid in the shadows.

When they’ve return after realizing that it must’ve been a rat or something, they notice that the cage is now empty. “What the—where did she go!?” said one of them. Suddenly, 12 arms appeared out of nowhere with six arms holding one guard and six arms holding the other. The upper two arms snaps the neck of the first guard, killing him, while the other one is kept on a stranglehold.

“Now that I got rid of your comrade, I’m going to ask you a couple of questions.” said Robin as she emerges from the shadows.

“Hey y-you’re that brat! Are you the one doing this? What the hell are y-*Gruglk*!!”

“Quiet!” shouted Robin as she has her sprouted hands enforce their grip on him. “Now tell me where are the other children are?” She asked nicely.

“Go to hell, you little bi-“

“BELLE FLEUR” She cuts him off with one of her hands piercing his body with a Shigan technique. “I’m sorry but that’s not the right answer, and every time you give me a wrong answer, the more pain you’ll be in. Understand?” She says coldly as she shigans him again just to be clear.

“O-o-o-OK OK! I’ll tell you *Cough* please don’t kill me!! They are on the 2nd floor in the third door!”

“Good” She said with a smile on her face “Now the next question, where do you keep all of your highly secret possessions?”

“In..In the captain’s vault at his quarters in the bottom floor, that’s all I know! NOW PLEASE LET ME GO!!” cried the guard.

“Thank you……..and goodbye” she said as she delivers an inhuman palm strike to his face while he was still in his strangled form, causing both his back and neck to snap, killing him. Robin looked down upon both dead bodies, with no emotion on her face.

*****Flashback to a year ago at the training facility****

Robin stood frightened at the sight of the now lifeless bodies of the two vicious animals that she just killed, one with her powers and one with her own hands. She couldn’t believe it at first but there was no denying it, she was the one who did it, which marks the first time she ever killed a living being, even though it was in self-defense.

“Excellent, my dear! Excellent job indeed!” said a shadowy figure who was watching the whole thing from the control room upstairs. “You are truly on your way to becoming our most beloved weapon!”


After hiding the bodies, she continued to immediately head to the bottom floor, silently killing guards on the way. It was then she heard a bunch of whimpering and crying from a door on 2nd floor. “Wait! Could this be?” she thought.

She first thought about saving them first but she decided against it and secure the documents first. She decides to take the rest of the way by vents so she could make it to Hutzil’s lair more quietly.

After arriving to the vent that shows his lair in top view, she sees him getting ready to “play” with another child. Right when he was about to, Robin drops down from the vent above him and lands behind him, surprising both him and the child.

“Hold it right there!” She said as she grabs him with both her real arms and sprouted arms, putting him in a submission hold.

“What the….hey you’re that little kid from earlier. Why you little-“

“You kid, stay in the corner and keep quiet ok. I promise I’ll make sure he won’t hurt you.” She said calmly, reassuring the kid that everything will be ok.

“O-ok. Th-thank you so much! I that he was going to-“ cried the kid.

“Don’t worry, he won’t. I’ll make sure of that.” She said, cutting off the kid mid-sentence.

Oh, and just how are you going to do that? All I have to do is call the gaurds and-”

“That won’t be nessesary.” She said cutting Hutzil off mid-sentence. Then a sprouted arm pulls a gun on him, a gun she herself stole from one of the guards she killed earlier. “I already disposed 50 of your guards easily if I counted correctly. Care for me to demonstrate how I did by using you as example?”

“Oh you are so full of shit, little girl.” Said Hutzil mockingly.

“Am I now?” She had two of her arms twist his back arm.

“*Gawgh* OK OK, I believe you!” cried Hutzil.

“See, wasn’t that so hard? Now tell me, can you please open the vault over there? There are some certain documents that you possess and I want you to tell me where they are in there. Understood?”

“Y-yes” said Hutzil nervously. They both went to the vault together with Robin’s sprouted hand still holding a gun to his head. After opening the vault, he showed her where he kept the documents. She looked over them and relises something odd about them, coming to the conclusion that they are actually fake!

“HA! Stupid girl!” Yelled Hutzil as he was already outside the vault “Meet my secret bodyguards!” He closes the door on her, locking it up.

“Grr, this is bad!” She thought. Suddenly, four shadowy figures came out of nowhere to ambush her.

“Hey little girl, should you not be here? “, said one of the men as they surround her. She looks around to analyze the situation. She realizes that judging from the look of them; her usual Devil fruit-powered submission techniques would not work on these types.

“Hmm, I guess I will have to get little dirty after all unfortunately” She thought. One of them comes at her with a punch.

“Soru” She disappears at the last minute then reappears behind him and delivers an inhumanly strong kick to his head, almost killing him.

“You BITCH” says another one of the guards as he and two more men come at her. Two of them were carrying swords. Using Kenbushoku Haki and Kami-e, Robin dodged all of their attacks (including there high speed ones) with the greatest of ease.

“Tekkai” Two of the men’s swords break after finally making contact on Robin’s body. This left all the guards shocked.

(The rest of the action scene has yet to be finished)

After disposing them, she decided to postpone the retrieval of the documents and decided to save the children for now. She immediately headed to where the children are. After arriving to the room, she began to since sadness and pain from their will and hearts, almost wanting to cry herself. “No, I must focus on getting them out of here and complete the mission!” She thought to herself. After letting them out of their cages so she can bring them to safety, three more guards come in the room. “There is that bitch, GET HER!!!”

“Kaika Rankyaku” She swing her leg that looks like a blur as if she is kicking very rapidly, sending out three air blades towards her opponents, although in actually she quickly sprouted two extra legs in instantanous speed before kicking just make it look like she kicking really fast with one leg. The three blades knock the guards out, leaving them with very bad sword-like wounds.

“Come, we don’t have much time” As she and the kids make their escape, they wind up in a pitch black room. Then a few seconds later they, they heard a loud voice.

“Haha! Sorry little missy, but we ain’t letting you and them kids leave outta here alive!” After the lights come on, she notices that she and the kids are completely surrounded by the remaining henchmen, which are over 300 of them. “Kill ‘em!!”

“Cein Fleur: Clutch” Before they know it, the first 100 were taken out quickly.

“WH-WHAT THE FUCK!!?” The remaining henchmen gasped in shock and horror “What just happened? Grr, SHOOT THEM ALL!” 20 of the men pulled out their guns to shoot them, but right before they even got a chance to fire, over 20 sprouted arms appeared out of their backs, with one or two arms per enemy, and knocked their guns out of their hands.

“How rude. Didn’t anyone teach you that you shouldn’t pull a gun on children?” she said teasingly with a smile on her face. “Veinte Belle Fleur” All 20 arms started piercing their respective targets’ bodies, causing all 20 men to fall on the ground dead with their bodies full of holes.

“Damnit! That’s it, BRING IN THE CANNONS!!” Decker commanded angrily. The remaining men went to uncover the cannons that they kept hidden in different areas of the room just in case of an emergency They took their positions as they’re getting ready to light them up. “Ready. Aim. FIRE!!!” Signals Decker as men fires the cannons on their targets afterwards.

“Oh god, w-we’re all gonna die!!” “MOMMY!” cried the children as they felt as if hope is now lost.

However, seconds before the balls made impact, Robin immediately crossed her arms in an “X” formation “TETSUHANA-“


After the smoke cleared from the blast, the men stood there in horror as there is now what appears to look like a dome in the middle of the room, a dome made of arms to be precise. The dome then slowly disperses into flower petals to reveal Robin and the children, completely unharmed!

“W-WHAT!!? What the hell is she!? A monster!?” said Decker frightenly as he along with the other men started to panic, that is until he relizes that she must be a devil fruit user. “What a minute…oh yes that has to be it. She’s a devil fruit user, of course! And here I am freaking out over this crap.” Said Decker as he calms down and regains his confadince. “Heh, if that’s the case-“ he suddenly jumps to the middle of the room, landing right in front Robin, “Stand back men, I’ll deal with this brat.”

(Insert Robin vs Decker fight here)

After guiding the children to safety outside, she returned to Hutzil’s lair to secure the real documents, only to find Hutzil waiting for her with a recently new type of cannons ready, which are far more powerful and faster firing speed rate. After taunting her for coming this far, he fires all 12 cannons at her. As these are far superior to typical modern cannons that she was trained to deal with, Robin knew that her Soru and Geppo techniques are not fast enough to completely avoid them, nor her defensive techniques that are a combination of Tekkai + CoA Haki + her DF powers are strong enough to defend her from them so she decided to use a more effective method, one that revolves around the use of a recently new ability from her DF that she discovered a couple of months ago.

After the smoke cleared from the explosion caused by the impact of the cannons, she was no longer there, leaving Hutzil to believe that he eliminated her. Then, just as he was about to feel relive to have finally gotten rid of her, an arm sprouts out of his left upper back to grab his neck, catching him by surprise. Then four more arms appear out of his mid back to grab both of his arms, with two more arms appearing out of the ground behind him to grab his legs. As he struggles to free himself from this virtually unbreakable hold, a figure grows out of the ground in front of him which is none other than Robin, who he though he totally obliterated with his cannons! “H-How-How did you..!?”

“That was quite rude you know.” She said as she has her arms enforce their grip on her target. “Now sir, can you kindly please tell me where the real documents are? Depending on your answer, I might spare your life and not give a well-deserving brutal and painful death” She said coldly.

“*Eulghk* *cough* *cough* ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!!! I’ll tell you! They are behind my throne in a secret drawer on the wall!!” cries Hutzil as he’s suffers from still choking to death from the powerful submission hold. Robin looked over at the throne chair and wondered if this is another trap or not. She doesn’t want to take any chances but time is of the essence. She then notices a tiny hole on the wall behind the chair.

“Ah I see now. Do you have a key to it?” she asked, once again in a cold manner.

“Ulgk, n-no! I-I just use a nail or a pin to open it!!” said the frightened Hutzil as the hands strengthened their grip on him even more, holding and squeezing him tighter, causing him to cough up a little blood “Blegh*Gaaak *Cough*Cough*I-I’m not lying!!! I have a p-pin right here! J-Ju-Just just my p-p-p-pockets and you’ll see!!!” He screams.

“……..Uno Fleur” An arm appears around his waist, searching his pockets until it founded the pin. Guess he was telling the truth after all. “You stay put, scum” she said before having the arm tossing the pin to her and walking over to the hole all while keeping Hutzil held tightly by her arm replicas. After opening the drawer, she finds a bunch of nicely designed sheets of paper, all with in-depth writing, as well as the legitimate signature logo of the World Government on each one. No doubt about it, these are definitely the real deal. Even though it’s classified, she went on to read it out of curiosity. After reading it all, she had furious look on her face “So that’s what this is about I see”.

“Um, *cough*C-can I go now?” asked the still strangled Hutzil.

“Absolutely…….to the depths of Hell.” smiles Robin

WHAT!? W-wait! You said-“

“I lied. You’re too much of a despicable human being to be allowed to live” She said as she appeared right in front of him in lightning speed using Soru.

“Normally, I would just twist your body and neck to end you quickly, but for all the sins you’ve committed, especially to children, you must be punished….BRUTALLY.” She said with a demonic tone on the last word of the sentence. Suddenly, the arm that was grabbing his neck began to clench to his throat with a thumb and two fingers, as if an eagle’s claw was about to pierce his throat. The arm then broke his vocal cord, causing him to cough up a lot of blood and leaving him unable to speak. She then sprouts out 4 arms out of the left side of her body, then she rears back with both spouted arms and regular left arm together as she is about let him have it!

Kaika Shigan Kenpo “Goshigan: HIIRO!!!!!” She pierces his fat body rapidly with all five arms at incredible speed like a Dillon minigun. As she continued to pierce him, his body becomes more mangled up as his blood splatters everywhere. She attacks on with rage burning inside from the cries within the hearts and wills of the children she met that he molested. Robin doesn’t just want him to die, she wants him to suffer as well. She then finally finishes off the attack with a powerful spinning side kick, sending him flying into the wall. Hutzil was no more.

Robin then took the documents and escaped the hideout which is now burned to the ground, leaving no trace of evidence behind.


And that's about it for now. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of it so far. :)