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Ok, first off, I love the interactions between Hakuba and Cavendish with them both fighting for total control over Cavendish's body. Second, Barto's fight with Gladius was damn epic, right down to that barrier punch that Bart delivered to Gladius's face! Now as for Robin:


OMG, it has happened!!!

Robin has finally become awesome again! I'm so happy that I can freaking explode! 

And that Moth Orchid, oh the Rokushiki techniques and strategies that I can possibly come up with out of this would be so..just......OMFG! *squells embarrassingly like a fangirl*

Thank you Oda for giving me something new that will test my creativity even more than ever for my Rokushiki Robin project!!!

Anyway, this chapter was fantastic overall and I can't wait for the next one where I hope to see more Robin action! :D