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I've read the chapter a few days ago and I have to say that this IMO definitely almost makes up for that lousy chapter from last week. Anyway, here are some of my quick thoughts:

  • So the place where Mansherry is being held at is called the punishment room I see? Meh, whatever.
  • WTF Kanjuro!? Thanks giving the people down there something to climb, you jack ass! lol
  • Oh crap, those zombie toy soldiers look like they will be difficult to defeat. Damn that Sugar!
  • Oh my god, could it be!? YES, after all these years, Robin is FINALLY getting a real fight, surprisingly against Gladius of all people who I didn't expect at all!! Too bad she’ll have to share the action with Barto, thus making this a team fight but it’s better than nothing I suppose.
  • Rebecca vs Diamante? More like Rebecca and Kyros vs Diamante from the looks of it.

Overall, this chapter was pretty good. :)