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OK, first off, I don't have much to say about chapters 745 - 749 to I won't bother. However, I do have a little something to say about chapter 750. I read it twice just to be thorough and here are my thoughts:

  • As usual, I find it very entertaining to see Luffy and the gladiators just plowing through the fodder like there nothing. 
  • Just seeing Robin discarding or “de-blooming” (if that’s the right word for it) the hana hana-grid ladder in order to drop those enemies was hilarious. 
  • I find Viola’s speech to King Riku quite touching.
  • Franky vs Senior Pink Round 2 I’m guessing. This should be interesting.
  • That ending with Sabo standing against Fujitora and the marines is so full of win!!

And that’s about it. A pretty good chapter imo. However, despite this, I honestly think its time for Oda to take a long break from the series in order to focus on improving his health. Just saying.

Now on to a couple announcements:

  1. Today is my 30th birthday and so far it has been avarege at best, but I did get some nice birthday money, plus a Batman TAS vol.1 dvd boxset so that's cool.
  2. Both chapter 3 and 4 of my Shadow Blossom fanfic are done and already posted over at but I will not post them here just yet. Misa and I are currently in the middle of working on the fifth chapter and I'm planing on posting all three chapters (3, 4, and 5) here altogether at once since they're all three parts of an epic story arc.

And that is all for today, folks.

Later! ;)