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About chapter 744

Holy crap, what a great chapter!

- Sabo has now become one of my new favorite characters of OP! Haki + Dragon-based martial arts + Mera Mera no mi = PURE WIN!!

- Nico Robin might FINALLY get a real fight after all these years since her fight with Yama back at Skypiea! I guess this might be Oda's way of making up for what he did to her back in chapter 740. But you know what I find strange about this? The part where she tells the Tontattas to take Ussop was almost exactly how I'd dreamed her fight with Trebol would start out, which shocks me a bit. Anyway, I truly hope that nobody interrupts this fight or I'll be pissed!

- Kyros is a freaking BEAST! Also, seeing Dofla's head talking did creep me out a little, and the birdcage that he is talking about sounds interesting.

Now I truly can't wait for the next chapter (even if it means that I have to wait for 2 weeks).

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