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So Ussop has Kenbunshoku Haki now I see. To be honest, I'm not surprised at all since it was foreshadowed at the scene where Robin and Ussop first sneaked into the toy factory when he started hearing voices, but it's great that he has haki now. :)

*prays that Robin will get haki next*

Anyway, the rest of the chapter was mediocre at best. I hope the next one will be better. However I will admit that seeing Sugar fainting from that drawing of Usssop's crazy face was kinda funny. :)

Now with that out of the way, on to some Rokushiki Robin news!

1. Two new techniques have been added to the Tekkai section of the Rokushiki Robin movelist:

  • Tetsuhana "Bunki Rariatto" (Branch Clothesline)(H)(M)(OB)(C) - While charging at her enemy with great speed using Soru, Robin sprouts extra arms around one of her original arms while still moving, then hardens them with Tekkai before hitting the target with a multi-arm clothesline!
  • Tetsuhana "Tsuru Rariatto" (Vine Clothesline)(H)(M)(OB)(C) - Similar to Bunki Rariatto, only instead of a "branch" or "bouquet" of arms, she makes a line of arms instead, making this technique great for taking out a row of enemies.

2. A brand spanking new illustration has been added (a pencil one but still incredibly amazing): 


RenHuaQiangQuan "Feixing Kē Zidan" (Human Flower gun boxing "Flying Branch bullet" in chinese) - A severely powerful Hana Hana-enhanced multi-legged version of *Feixing Wan Zidan/Gaoyang Wan Zidan (with the extra legs all calf length attached to the knee of the real leg). What you see in the illustration above is the five-legged version, which is great against enemies who have large body frames.

  • Note: The RenQiangQuan "Feixing Wan Zidan"(Human gun boxing "Flying Graceful bullet" in chinese) is a strong and deadly high flying thrust kick that has the same speed and power of Shigan similar to Fukuro's Jugon (Stern beast) technique. The Gaoyang Wan Zidan (Soaring Graceful bullet) is a more powerful version of Feixing Wan Zidan where Robin does the latter after projecting herself towards her target with Geppo or Kaika Geppo, thus making the technique even faster and more powerful.

Illustrated by GarthTheDestroyer using my old rough sketch of the technique (that I drew years ago) as a base:

3.Years ago, I've promised another well drawn manga/comic style Rokushiki Robin action scene for the Rokushiki Robin project and finally after all this time, I delivered! This, however, will be in multiple parts since they are part of an awesome short six page doujinshi drawn and written by a friend of mine named akkym as a commission for me (although the story concept was my idea mind you) using some of the techniques from the project! This, like the previous 1-page only comic made by me and magion02 , is to basically show Robin as a Rokushiki user in action, this time using Doflamingo as her opponent.

Anyway, here are the first two pages of the fan manga:

tumblr_narxzzCAQs1r3sl1ro2_250.jpg tumblr_narxzzCAQs1r3sl1ro1_250.jpg

The second page is where Robin is using Kaika Rankyaku “Keibajou” (Blooming storm legs “Race track”), which some of you may recognize as the same technique that darkeyez07 illustrated for me years ago (this pic) using a rough sketch of the technique that I drew in the past, which is this rough sketch right here:

Well that’s enough talk for now! Stay tuned for the remaining four pages of this fan manga! :D