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Just feel like posting some old sketches of some techniques that I drew a while back. Some being new and some being very old:

Cien Balle Fleur "Teishou" (Nail Bed)(M)(H)(T)(N)(OS) - Robin will sprout out 100 arms from the ground forming into what it looks to like a flower bed, but once her enemies get close enough to it, weather from falling from a cliff or being knocked into to it, she will have all the arms perform Shigan simultaneously in the last minute which will result in what it seems to be a deadly bed of spikes!

Tetsuhana/Kongouhana "Dai Koubin/Shin KouBin" (Great wall/Ultimate wall) (H)(M)(OS) - Robin will sprout thousands of arms and have them form what seems to partially resemble the Great wall of China and harden them all with Tekkai/Kongouhana. One of her most powerful Tetsuhana techniques.

Sai Dai Kei: Rokukougan (The Greatest Chain: Six queen gun)(H)(M)(OAB)- When her enemies are formed in a certain position, whether in a form of a straight line, like a stack of bowling pins, a filled-in circle or whatever, Robin will go into a 'Rokukougan' position in front of the initial enemy. Next, she sprouts 2 more arms out of the initial enemy's back and have them go into the same position front of the enemy behind the first one, then does the same thing to the enemy behind the second one and so on and so forth. Then finally, she then performs the attack on the first enemy and then has all of her sprouted arms do the same attack in a chain reaction.

A rough sktech of different variations of Sanjuushigan!