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  • Shinjojin

    Hey everyone!

    First off, I must deeply apologize for not posting here for almost a year. I've been quite busy and end up forgetting to post any updates here so it's time for me to make up for that! Now on to the updates!

    First, ten new techniques have been added to the movelist with five of them in the Shigan section and five in the Other/Misc section! For the five Shigan techniques, four of them are variations of Hokiri (Go here for a refresher about that technique) while the fifth one is a revision of a technique that I written and added years ago, only that this revision is partially inspired after the harpoon/spear attack used by Scorpion, a legendary fighting game character who also happens to be one of my all time favorites, from the f…

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  • Shinjojin

    Hey everyone, Shinjojin here!

    I'm very sorry for being gone for soooo long without posting any new Rokushiki Robin updates on this site. I have been dealing with RL situations from bed bug problems to constant fatigue from the amount of hard work that I've been doing at my job, along with just being very hesitant to post any more blogs here with the fear of it being deleted just because it’s not about the latest chapter or episode of one piece. But I decided to be brave enough to post what’s been going on with the project over the past six months since i believe that you guys deserve to be up to date about it. :)

    Anway, a whopping 23 new techniques have been added to the project movelist with 15 in the Shigan section, 4 in the Geppo section,…

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  • Shinjojin

    OK, I finally got around to reading the chapter uninterrupted and here are some of my thoughts:

    • Sabo’s Flaming Dragon Claw to Dragon King combo was freaking BADASS!!!
    • Seeing Dofla being madder than a mofo gave me the hebejebes. O_O
    • Seeing Robin talking to Viola is kinda weird since, at least in this chapter, Viola looks almost just like Robin.
    • Watching those colosseum fighters kickass again is always a treat!
    • The effect of Zoro infusing Busoshoku Koka into his sword looks pretty awesome!

    Overall, this chapter was fantastic! :D

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  • Shinjojin

    Ok, I got around to reading the whole chapter yesterday and here are my thoughts:

    While I do find the ongoing fight between Doflamingo and Luffy super enjoyable with all the new techniques that were shown,  it did felt a little short to me. As for the part with Riku making another speech to all the civilians, i didn't really care for it, nor did i care for the scene with Franky and the dwarfs. Also, I wasn't surprised about Burgess being the person that Koala was talking to Sabo about long ago, nor was I surprised about Haki having a limitation since it's pretty obvious with Haki being the "Ki" of the One Piece world and such so that was a given.

    However, what really got my attention in this chapter was the info about the devil fruits' awake…

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  • Shinjojin

    Ok before i start talking about gear 4, let’s get some quick thoughts about this chapter out of the way first:

    • The panic of the people getting away from the birdcage was alright. You can tell that the tension was getting even more severe by the minute.
    • The scene with Baby 5 calling Sai darling was cute. LOL
    •  Not much to say about the small conversation between Cabbage and Law other than it was a nice foreshadowing of what’s to come once Doflamingo is defeated.
    • I’m willing to bet that the kick that Doflamingo used against Luffy is the same one that he used to cut the four corners of the palace with a while back.

    Now with all that said, let’s talk about Luffy’s new gear form!… Read more >