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  • Shiki the Golden Lion

    Hey guys! Sorry about the wait, but here it is: part one of the soon-to-be epic Shichibukai war. Rate, comment, and enjoy! Once again, sorry for the lateness!

    Narrator: “It has been almost one year since the Battle of Marineford, which shook the world. The repercussions of that war have left the sea a far more savage place than most remember. Amidst the chaos of the recently ushered in New Age of Piracy, an era full of fear and uncertainty, the World Government strives to uphold justice. With the loss of a Yonkou and four Shichibukai, the balance of the Three Great Powers is on the verge of collapsing. In order to restore the balance, the World Government has called an emergency Shichibukai meeting in order to fill the empty positions. Atte…

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  • Shiki the Golden Lion

    Hey guys! I’m pretty new to the Wiki and haven’t contributed a lot yet, but I’ve noticed that quite a few people are interested in seeing a Shichibukai face-off. Just here to say that I’d be happy to do a blog series on it and that the first one will be coming soon. Enjoy the wait!

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