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Shichibukai Trafalgar Law

  • Shichibukai Trafalgar Law

    One morning out on a desert island, Law is walking amongst the dunes when he hears a frustrated scream. He spots a clown yelling at a cactus. *Great he's hallucinating* Thought Law. The *cactus* then moves, revealing it to be a human in a suit. It then starts begging the clown to live. At point-blank range the clown throws something at him and a huge explosion occurs. What th------HEY! Law looks surprised as the clown yells at him. "You're Trafalgar Law, right!?" "Yeah", says Law, "and who might you be?" "You idiot! You should know me! I'm Buggy The Clown, the Shichibukai!" "I don't care", states Law. "Then die!!!!!!" screams Buggy.

    Law: *Grabs his Nodachi and slashes Buggy in half* "Ha! Too easy!" *He goes to walk away and gets stabbed in …

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