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Okay Ive been reading a few blog posts recently and people were wondering what his new bounty was and if he was a broker or whatever. In the 678 prediction an idea was of him being the leader of cp9 now brokers. I actually kind of like that idea but I think if Drake and cp9 are jumbled in with all the connfusion and possibilitied that are supposedly meant to come (like Big Mam fight, Wano Country and whatnot) i think it will just be weird. I already think we have enough supernovas. But maybe they should appear in the Big Mom fight.

Now his new bounty. Hmm. I really thought about this... I heard an idea of 620,000,000. Way less. Well, more around 410 mil. to 500 mil range. And now that i think of this i wonder if cp9 will get bounties. If so it would be like this.

Lucci- 280 mil

Blueno- 140 mil.

Kalifa 110 mil.

Fukuro- 115 mil.

Jabra- 200,000,000

Kaku- 212,000,000

Kumadori- 95,000,000