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Okay I DONT think Luffy will fight monet but it seems a fight between them may take a majority of the fighting time. I think Luffy will fight monet until someone such as Zoro or someone will come in and take over so Luffy will fight Clown. BUT!!! That isnt necessarily true because Luffy usually fights just the strongest people. It doesnt have to be main character of the arc or whatever. That may be the case as well. And will everyone get to fight someone? Or will some people stand out? I also wonder if Joker appears because according to what Monet says Joker seems stronger than Monet (by what I've seen) may be even more stronger than Clown. And I was also wondering if the Yeti Cool Brothers appear. It seems unlikely because of Smiley totally destroyed the island but Oda sometimes does things like that. I also think it would be cool for Robin and Nami vs Yeti Cool bros.

So what Ive written may be confusing but what I mean is will luffy fight Monet or Caeser, and if Caeser, who monet. And when will the real Vergo reappear, and will the yeti cool brothers reappear. How will they destroy smiley. How will they find momosuke. How will they save the children...... (Sorry i didnt feel like adding question marks.)

And my thought is that Monet will join the crew when Doflamingo is abbout to attack her and Luffy saves her because she wants her on his crew.... I JUST WANT MONET ON THE CREW OKAYYY????