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I think at the end of the series the marines are all at raftel icluding wb pirates, bb pirates, and wano swordsmen, and 4 emporors and thats when luffy meets Shanks again and fights bb pirates. Both crews will get more crewmates. I think It will turn out like this.

Luffy vs Blackbeard

Zoro vs Shiliew

Nami vs Van Augur

Usopp vs Avalo Pizaro

Sanji vs Catarina Devon (finally agrees to fight an ugly girl at least)

Chopper vs Doc Q/Stronger

Robin vs Vasco Shot

Franky vs Lafitte

Brook vs Jesus Burgess

???? vs Sanjuan Wolf

The reason I chose these people to fight each other was because their fighting styles dont necessarily match from what it seems. And once WB pirates and Straw Hat Pirates go against the marines, i have few ideas about the one piece thing:

WB pirates say go and find the one piece so they risk their own lives for them. And Luffy agrees. And soon he finds the one piece

Luffy dies and Zoro takes over, burying the one piece with him. And before he dies he tells Zoro to give his hat to Luffy but Shanks tells him to keep it. And then his lasts words are telling his crew to complete their dreams.

Luffy fins the op and the crew splits up.

Luffy decides to not open the chest or whatever and decides to move on with his crew so his dream wouldnt be over.