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Well Im not gonna do one of those page by page predictions because im kind of lazy but i have an idea for what will happen. I think the Smoker and Law vs Vergo thing will end rather violently. I had an idea that Law is just about to die when his heart is going to burst because Vergo is squeezing it. Then out of the blue Brownbeard whacks him in the head, he falls to the ground, dropping Laws heart. Smoker grabs it and tosses it to Law and he puts it back inside of him. Law gets a boost of strength and surrounds him in his operating room. Vergo quickly gets up and attacks still very powerfully, but Smoker really get ahold of him once and throws him to the other side of the room. Vergo gets up and stands there shaking and panting. Law holds out Vergos heart and squeezing it until it explodes. The chapter might also begin with some seens with Mocha and Chopper and end back to Luffy.