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Are Devil Fruits too common?

Sentomaru October 21, 2012 User blog:Sentomaru

I noticed that in the beginning of the series everyone was really freaked out and surprised when they found out luffy was a devil fruit user. Some people didnt even believe they were real. That was mostly in east blue but right when they crossed the border into the grand line when they saw him they were like "Oh hes a devil fruit user... hmm" and walk away (Im exagerating). And now I notice in every single arc there is another few devil fruit user. Its too common now I think. I wonder if Oda will run out of ideas to the point where he cant think of anything so he just comes up with stupid ideas like banana banana fruit or something. Anyway not to go off track Punk Hazard arc especially has freaking.... like 7 devil fruit users. Momonosuke, Kinemon, Caeser, Monet, Doflamingo (Maybe), Baby 5, Smiley. ETC ETC!!!!!!!!!

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