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  • Sentomaru

    HEY! In one of my old blog posts I mentioned how there are too many DP powers. Its getting really annoying because in almost every recent arc there were like more than 5 DP users. In Punk Hazard there were Monet, Baby 5, Momonosuke, Smiley, Caeser, Smoker, Buffalo, Vergo, Kinemon, Kuzan, Law, Kidd, Hawkins, Apoo ETC ETC. Oda should just introduce more haki users or throw in a cool new technique. And if they just used more of that or a new kind of power came up in the upcoming chapters the story might seem a little less cheesy even though DPs are freaking awesome. What do you think?

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  • Sentomaru

    Chapter 689 Prediction

    November 7, 2012 by Sentomaru

    Well Im not gonna do one of those page by page predictions because im kind of lazy but i have an idea for what will happen. I think the Smoker and Law vs Vergo thing will end rather violently. I had an idea that Law is just about to die when his heart is going to burst because Vergo is squeezing it. Then out of the blue Brownbeard whacks him in the head, he falls to the ground, dropping Laws heart. Smoker grabs it and tosses it to Law and he puts it back inside of him. Law gets a boost of strength and surrounds him in his operating room. Vergo quickly gets up and attacks still very powerfully, but Smoker really get ahold of him once and throws him to the other side of the room. Vergo gets up and stands there shaking and panting. Law holds …

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  • Sentomaru

    I noticed that in the beginning of the series everyone was really freaked out and surprised when they found out luffy was a devil fruit user. Some people didnt even believe they were real. That was mostly in east blue but right when they crossed the border into the grand line when they saw him they were like "Oh hes a devil fruit user... hmm" and walk away (Im exagerating). And now I notice in every single arc there is another few devil fruit user. Its too common now I think. I wonder if Oda will run out of ideas to the point where he cant think of anything so he just comes up with stupid ideas like banana banana fruit or something. Anyway not to go off track Punk Hazard arc especially has freaking.... like 7 devil fruit users. Momonosuke,…

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  • Sentomaru

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Okay so I was thinking about characters from Esat Blue or who appeared in the grand line at some points reappearing. So im gonna make a list of who we might see and what will happen.

    I think Morgan will reappear as a first mate pirate of an unexpected pirate crew. Maybe a supernova's. Like Bege or something. I think he'll also have a bit of haki and so will his captain.

    Enel maybe too as some evil guy taking over a village or something. I think he'll have some new abilitites up his sleeve too.

    And Perona again too and Ussop will think of her as an enemy when she is really Zoro's ally.

    And as someone suggested Don Krieg would be good too with more new gadgets.

    And Gin too but extremely more powerful and maybe even as a seperate…

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  • Sentomaru

    Monets Devil Fruit

    October 2, 2012 by Sentomaru

    So obviously during Monets fight with Luffy in Chapter 683 i noticed something strange about her devil fruit. I know its snow and thats cool and all. But snow is ice right, and Kuzan has that fruit. So theres not much of a difference other than Kuzan can turn into solid ice when monet can turn into the fluffy shizz. But Kuzan would probably be able to turn into snow too. And would someone need haki to grab onto monet? That would depend on how compacted the snow she uses, or maybe that is adjustable for her. This is getting on my nerves. I MUST KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT MONET.

    ..or i will die....

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