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March 15, 2010
  • SeaTerror

    So Isshou wants to abolish the Shichibukai system but how would that work? I can see Akainu supporting it somewhat but the logic behind it wouldn't be good. Most of the Shichibukai are incredibly powerful like Mihawk and Kuma is pretty much just another weapon for the Marines. What I mean by the logic not being good is the fact that if it was abolished Mihawk and the others would just become real pirates again and be forced to wreak havoc on the world just because of a stupid system. Civilians would be against it due to this fact too. I can see some Marines also being against it.

    So anybody have an idea how this could work at all? It just seems completely illogical to me.

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  • SeaTerror

    I'm Back

    December 5, 2012 by SeaTerror

    I have a special present for everyone :D

    [[Special:UserLogOut|Forum:Name Spelling Part 3]

    Also I heard everybody saw my picture. So I uploaded it to show everybody else. :P

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  • SeaTerror

    He starts off innocent enough but then you see him start to take a turn for the worst. Then he shows his true colors and he even reveals himself to have another fetish. Then he finally performs his final pedo act and reveals himself to be as horrible as Fisher Tiger.

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  • SeaTerror

    Captain Morgan

    August 6, 2012 by SeaTerror

    I bet we will find Captain Morgan in the New World.

    We already know he's incredibly strong since he could slash Garp without any problem. He must have been training since he hasn't been shown for so long. So we will see how much stronger he has become. Maybe he'll even fight Helmeppo and get his ass kicked by him. That would be a reverse of the beginning of the series.

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  • SeaTerror

    Same Old Shit

    June 14, 2012 by SeaTerror

    Only dickheads would do this. So I guess it will be harder to download anime even off fansub websites. IRC is the safest way to go I guess.

    They should learn that piracy can never be stopped and that they should only go after bootleggers and uploaders. It would be harder to possibly even get the One Piece manga.

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