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Luffy taught me what leadership is about and that you should always smile, even if you facing death itself.

Zoro taught me that you should never give up, no matter what. You must to overcome pain, just so you can be even stronger.

Nami taught me that women can be sexy and smart in the same time.

Usopp taught me that negative and depression is all around us. But you could make one hell of a nice story about it. And by all means, fight for your ideas.

Chopper taught me to not judge people by what they look.

Robin taught me you can be alone, but not forever. Someday, you will find your true friends, and you would sacrifice yourself for them with no hesitations.

Franky taught me that you can change every part of your body and still be a human. And those who are with you will appreciate it.

Brook taught me that you can have a heart, even though you are just a bunch of bones. And of course what if feels to be like a sir !

Sanji taught me that you can be friendzoned by all girls and don’t whine about it.

Just a quote :

” One may stray from the path of a man, one may stray from the path of a women, but there is no straying from the path of a HUMAN ! “


  • The power of words is a great power !
  • Brotherhood is something you should cherish until the death.
  • Everything has it’s time and soul. Treasure what you have.
  • Even if you aren’t blood-related with someone, that person might still be your father or sister or brother or relative. You just know it.
  • There will always be assholes in our government and we can do nothing about it. (At least, for now.)
  • Discrimination is something we all should fight with everything we have !


You’re never to old to follow you dreams, whatever they may be !


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