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OI !!

Back with the same user !!!


Well, bout the One Piece (this time), I tell you bout the Strawhat crew's favorite movies or reality show or anime.

  1. Luffy : Pirates of The Carribean (of course !)
  2. Zoro : Blood The Last Vampire, The Young Samurai, Sengoku BASARA (maybe...)
  3. Nami : C : The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
  4. Ussop : (I'm not really sure but maybe...) Gintama, and Ranma 1/2
  5. Sanji : Master Chef, To Love-3, KissxSis, Toriko and (well, you know Sanji right ?)
  6. Robin : Another, Higurashi, Umineko
  7. Chopper : My Little Pony, Pokemon, Alice in Wonderland (always close eyes when scary scene), ​ Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
  8. Franky : Gundam Series, Code Geass
  9. 'Brook : American Idol and Glee'

Hehehe~ and for 5 Greatest Crew at Whitebeard Pirates ;

  1. Edward Newgate : Hachiko (remember Stefan ? ) and Nyanpire The Animation --> anything cute...
  2. Marco : Uta no Prince-sama ~ MAJI LOVE 1000%, Tekken 5 and National Geographic
  3. Ace : Tekken 5 and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  4. Jozu : Crows ; Zero
  5. Thatch : Titanic and Spiderman Series

​Heart : Gyahahaha~ !! Thatch watch Titanic !!?

Me : yeah, and he spending alots of tissues.

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