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Yo-ho !! It's a pirates life for me ! *music start playing*

Really !! I really happy !! (even my Math test is so bad...) But I really like to see all users here again !!

New, Old, WO-HO !!

Now, I want to share some tips for you all.

Something Bothering ?

Have you ever had a problem like this ?

  1. You wanna draw something but didn't know what to draw ?
  2. Or, are you want to draw OP Characters by yourself (or have a homework to draw anything-you-want-to) but your drawing skill is so bad ?
  3. Or, you don't know what to do because your water color or your colour pencil is broken and out of date ?


Tools and Materials

  • Piece of paper (A3 / A4 is not a problem)
  • 2B pencil (up to you to choose !)
  • Eraser
  • Some printout of picture you want to draw (if you need)
  • Some cotton buds (if you don't have you can change it with cotton or tissue)

First of All...

Well first, draw the sketch first. It's okay if not too good, because it's just a basic form.

If you terrible in drawing, you can print some picture you want to use.

Example :

Monkey D. Luffy Post Timeskip Portrait
After you print, trace on plain paper.

With trace, you can get a specific line easily.

Second !

Second, for the one that draw itself and trace from picture, you can strengthen the line first. Then you get a final sketch ! But, don't strengthen the shadow part ! We need it for the last round !

And now for the F-U-N Time !

And Last but not Least !

If you saw some picture from comics and animes, it have a shadow right ? Now, let's check up !

Example :

Monkey D. Luffy Post Timeskip Portrait
Check the Luffy's neck. You see dark spot under his chin and his hair, right ? Well, the idea is, to make the darker spot with shading technique. Darker, give darker shading. The point is, to draw a shadow with shading. It's a little hard to do if you not familiar so, a little practice maybe help for this.

If you done, you can rub your shadow with some cotton buds. Do it slowly, so the carbone from the pencil won't go out for you picture and make it screwed. Gently rub with opposite direction with your shading, so it'll looks soft. Then, you'll get a great drawing ! ((you maybe shocked why you can make a picture lik that...))

I have aready make it but...

Link... maybe a few days later ^^