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AnimeFace or AF

Heya, Guys.

Still same user, Satchi

Well, I gonna show you one of my project

The AnimeFace or AF

AnimeFace ( AF ), is the AVATAR of The User in Wikia which shows the User who made based of the User(s) AVATAR ( AVI ).

Example : KuroAshi98

The AVATAR is Buggy, cause he use Buggy's AVATAR. So, Kuro's AF is Buggy.

Another Example : Marcus Junior

The AVATAR (before now) is Arlong's Pirate Logo. Before that, his AVATAR is someone wearing headphones. So the AF is Fishman listening a music, I combinate the two of the AVATAR.

I can combinate 2 of AVATAR that the User have used as AviPic.

Then see mine : :Satchi-kun02

My AVATAR now (Penguin), is my AF. Cause if User have more than 3 AviPic, I gonna make the User AF the latest AVATAR that the User use.

Wait for the pic, ok ?

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