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  • I live in Indonesia
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is a highschool student, hobbyist artist, and an introvert girl
  • I am
  • Satchi-kun02

    Luffy taught me what leadership is about and that you should always smile, even if you facing death itself.

    Zoro taught me that you should never give up, no matter what. You must to overcome pain, just so you can be even stronger.

    Nami taught me that women can be sexy and smart in the same time.

    Usopp taught me that negative and depression is all around us. But you could make one hell of a nice story about it. And by all means, fight for your ideas.

    Chopper taught me to not judge people by what they look.

    Robin taught me you can be alone, but not forever. Someday, you will find your true friends, and you would sacrifice yourself for them with no hesitations.

    Franky taught me that you can change every part of your body and still be a human. And those who…

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  • Satchi-kun02

    Yo-ho !! It's a pirates life for me ! *music start playing*

    Really !! I really happy !! (even my Math test is so bad...) But I really like to see all users here again !!

    New, Old, WO-HO !!

    Now, I want to share some tips for you all.

    Have you ever had a problem like this ?

    1. You wanna draw something but didn't know what to draw ?
    2. Or, are you want to draw OP Characters by yourself (or have a homework to draw anything-you-want-to) but your drawing skill is so bad ?
    3. Or, you don't know what to do because your water color or your colour pencil is broken and out of date ?


    • Piece of paper (A3 / A4 is not a problem)
    • 2B pencil (up to you to choose !)
    • Eraser
    • Some printout of picture you want to draw (if you need)
    • Some cotton buds (if y…

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  • Satchi-kun02

    How about I make manga of us ?

    Seems legit (for me)

    The title is...

    The character is from AF.

    The story will posted until I finished my badass Last Exam.

    Thank you and bye bye~ *Satchi turn into eel*

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  • Satchi-kun02

    What Wikia Means

    April 12, 2012 by Satchi-kun02

    " The one that called ' Wikia ' , is the place that people's dream and hope fill into one. Dream, future. and fope to have friends. I will not let everyone that have no shame crush that dream. I'll be stronger and stonger everyday. "

    - Lavi ( Satchi )

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  • Satchi-kun02

    Movie (s) Favorite

    April 5, 2012 by Satchi-kun02

    OI !!

    Back with the same user !!!

    Well, bout the One Piece (this time), I tell you bout the Strawhat crew's favorite movies or reality show or anime.

    1. Luffy : Pirates of The Carribean (of course !)
    2. Zoro : Blood The Last Vampire, The Young Samurai, Sengoku BASARA (maybe...)
    3. Nami : C : The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
    4. Ussop : (I'm not really sure but maybe...) Gintama, and Ranma 1/2
    5. Sanji : Master Chef, To Love-3, KissxSis, Toriko and (well, you know Sanji right ?)
    6. Robin : Another, Higurashi, Umineko
    7. Chopper : My Little Pony, Pokemon, Alice in Wonderland (always close eyes when scary scene), ​ Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
    8. Franky : Gundam Series, Code Geass
    9. 'Brook : American Idol and Glee'

    Hehehe~ and for 5 Greatest Crew at Whitebeard Pirates ;

    1. Edward Newgate…
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