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So, Today I will be writing my first blog ever.I really hope you guys like it and please write your tips for my next blog and your reviews.

I will be talking about the common things between Roger and Luffy

Roger in His Youth

First : The StrawHat

There is a high possibility that Roger had the StrawHat. He was shown with it in the Anime , But right now it is with Luffy which seems like a sign that Luffy would be the Pirate King.

Second : Logue Town

File:Luffy roger.jpg

As in Logue Town when Buggy and Alvida showed up to Execute(dont know if im writing it right) Luffy, He happened to be in Logue Town that Roger was executed in Plus He smiled just like Rogers execution, Which brought everyone in Logue Town to confussion, Especially Smoker . Also before Luffys Execution the old man at the Gol D. Roger bar saw Roger in Luffy , which means that their personalities are alike

------------------------------------------------ Third : The Voice Of All Things It was shown that Roger Could hear the voices of Seakings , Which means he can hear animals too , Right?When The Roger Pirates went to Fishman Island Roger heard the Seakings talk , Then he asked Rayleigh if he can hear what he is hearing , But he answered that there is no one talking.Also Luffy heard the Seakings on Fishman island and he heard The Elephant in Zou (I forgot its name:P) when Jack of The Kaidou Pirates attacked Zou. ------------------------------------------------ Fourth : The First Mate The first person that Roger and Luffy ask to join them on their journey refuses to do so, but eventually accept the offer. Coincidentally, that person also become their crew's first mate. Rayleigh:

At first Rayleigh declined, but some time later, he formed a bond with Roger and became his first mate.


Luffy asked Zoro to join him but he flatly refused to become a pirate. Refusing to die, Zoro accepted Luffy's invitation and revealed his unique fighting style.

Fifth : Will Of D. We all want to know what the "D" stands for , But just when Gol D roger was gonna say it to WhiteBeard they didnt say it and we were left trying to know. I dont think its Devil cause Luffy is not a devil and i dont think Roger is a bad person at all too. There is many people with the D. let me tell you *Jaguar D. Saul "The Giant Marine"*Portgas D. Ace*Portgas D. Rouge *Trafalgar D. Water Law*Monkey D. Garp*Monkey D. Dragon*Gol D. Roger*Monkey D. Luffyand the last one that we all hate * Marshall D. TeachRoger and Luffy bothe have the D. -------------------------------------------------------------  That is all I remember for their similarities for now please comment your tips. Its my first time writing a blog i will make sure to add more photos next time. Arigato!