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  • Sararew1

    We all are wondering how BlackBeard has 2 devil fruits , The one with the Darkness and the quake one that belonged to WhiteBeard . 

     I guess the first one wasnt the Darkness one , it was a zoan and its a 3 headed dog like the one that 

    was in thriller bark , so each head can eat a devil fruit , BlackBeard ate 2 Devil Fruits after the Zoan one , so he can still eat one more Devil Fruit.

    There is also two other evidences that its a 3 headed dog.

    First : The BlackBeard Jolly Roger

    It has 3 skulls which refers to the 3 headed dog or whatever animal it is.

    Second : Shanks Scar

    When Shanks went to see WhiteBeared he told him that the scar one his eye was made by BlackBeard , and they looked like claws and the 3 headed dog has claws too.

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  • Sararew1

    So, Today I will be writing my first blog ever.I really hope you guys like it and please write your tips for my next blog and your reviews.

    I will be talking about the common things between Roger and Luffy

    First : The StrawHat

    There is a high possibility that Roger had the StrawHat. He was shown with it in the Anime , But right now it is with Luffy which seems like a sign that Luffy would be the Pirate King.

    Second : Logue Town

    As in Logue Town when Buggy and Alvida showed up to Execute(dont know if im writing it right) Luffy, He happened to be in Logue Town that Roger was executed in Plus He smiled just like Rogers execution, Which brought everyone in Logue Town to confussion, Especially Smoker . Also before Luffys Execution the old man at the…

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