One Piece Encyclopedia

  • Saraphael02

    Here is the current list of the mysteries of One Piece:

    1. Lola's mentioned mother might be the captain of Big Mom Pirates.

    2. God Enel story and his connection to the Space Pirates. And mystery of how Enel can breath and live under the sky sea even if he is a devil fruit user. And how the half of Jaya thrown up in the Sky as mentioned by Gan Fall. And the Fairy Vearth he mentioned upon leaving the Skypiea.

    3. Uranus identity and Pluton's sleeping place.

    4. The Void Century, Poneglyps, The name of the Ancient Kingdom, and the Will of D which some story says it was "Destruction".

    5. Did Monkey D. Dragon's rescued kid was Sabo?

    6. Luffy's mom.

    7. Sanji's eye that Oda mentioned into an interview that was one of the mystery of One Piece storyline.

    8. …

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