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    March 15, 2013 by Sara.mujallid

    Hello everybody, first of all am not a big fan of writing blogs you find my blog as amusing as neo's or as stupid as mdm' am here talk about what kind of surprises does this arc hold for us like the spanish doll island or the blind samurai surprisingly he is not kinmon colleague or what would luffy's reaction to ace's fruit - in my opinion he would do nothing its just a mere devil fruit- and lastly what I want to see in this arc is the Joker's deat or an interference of an old character ( i.e CP9 )... and where the hell is law's crew 

    Fuck anyone who's gonna correct my grammar or spelling wtv...

    with love from the one and only ,

    Sara *insert cool emoji here*

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  • Sara.mujallid

    Protect Shirahoshi

    December 9, 2011 by Sara.mujallid

    After reading the newest chapter we realized that shirahoshi is the ancient wepon posiden. what if the world goverment knew about this would they send some of their men to capture posiden like what they did with pluton, and if they did who would be there to protect shirahoshi, okay she has the power to control the sea kings but she doesn't know how to use it and none of the princes is strong enough to stand against them and jinbe alone is not enough ... your thoughts people ?

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  • Sara.mujallid

    Oda has gone mad

    October 6, 2011 by Sara.mujallid

    heey guys , its been bothering me for a while ...

    I've been rewatching skypiea's arc and when gon fall mentiond enel he said that 6 years ago he came to skypiea with his men and its his first time seeing the mantra , and when rayleigh started to explain to luffy the kenbunshoku haki he mentioned that they call it mantra in skpiea ..... my Q is how the hell did rayleigh know that they call the kenbunshoku haki - mantra in skypiea, since he and roger visited skypiea 22-26 years ago ?

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