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As another New World Saga draws to a close, I have this urge to propose a checklist of the best and the worst developments that we have seen in the new world seasons (including Fishman Island)



Jinbe returns

Luffy's Haki  and Gear fourth

Everyone else's new abilities

Kinemon and Momonosuke 

Alliance with Law

Return of Smoker and Tashigi

Return of Sabo

Law's backstory

Pica's voice

Scene: The fight with Doflamingo

Scene: Bathing with Robin  (that never gets old lol)

Sanji in Nami's Body (and all his nosebleeds)




Overwhelming changes in Robin's character design

Shirahoshi  (the giant sappy barbie doll mermaid, who is also an ancient weapon)

Ceaser Clown  (generic mad scientist villain)

Hordy (generic disney villain)

Trebol (the inarticulate, bumbling Jar Jar Binks of villains)

Rebecca (not a credible gladiator)

The Tontattas are annoying 

Dressrosa was over padded 

Chopper used to be so much more mature.