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1)   Why would Aokiji (who clearly doesn't support absolute justice) grant Spandam the Buster Call authority?

2)   Why would the Government cover up the Impel Down jailbreak?  I can understand covering up Crocodile's defeat but to deny the marines the right to go after escaped inmates, is both void of common sence and goes against The Goverment's justice agenda (Under Oda's own terms) Why enforce Absolute Justice and then not use it when its actually necessary?

3)  It feels Disney-fied enough that the Merry comes alive, but how did it get to Enies Lobby so fast?  

4)  Ace attempting to convice Akainu that Whitebeard was a 'good dad'.  (A classic case of honor usually comes before common sence in Manga dialog)

5)  Nico Olivia doesn't deserve as much sympathy as Oda thinks she does.  She ran out on her daughter, and by setting out on her poneglyoh expedition she puts all of Ohara at risk if she gets caught (which she did), and she knows that Ohara is already on thin ice for Poneglyph study.

6)  Akainu should really have been prosecuted for destroying a ship full of innocent people (unless, Kuzan blackmailed him by threatening to report, and then Akainu responded by threatening to report that Kuzan let Robin escape)

7) Spandam is not really in the wrong for announcing to Robin his plan to arrest Luffy (as Oda clearly wants us to think) After all, the government is obliged to catch all criminals, and Luffy is the one assaulting government property. Of course, it is equally stupid that Spandam would tell Robin this, especially if he wants her to co-operate, but then again everything he says is stupid.

8) Why would Fukaboshi, in the middle of a battle give a damn about why Hordy is so evil, and start questioning him on his motives? (again honor before common sence)

9) Theres no way Nami should have been able to beat Kalifa 

10) Rebecca is too sentimental, sobby, and vulnerable to make it believable that she would survive a minute in the Gladiator ring, and she never looks as if she could even lift the sword shes using.

Any other thoughts?