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I have high expectations of this one, coming out of the 'meh' feeling that the last special left me with.

Adventure of Nebulandia was seriously dissapointing.   The specials have this way of being very condescending towards Luffy and the gang, as if the writers are catering only to the youngest viewers. They treat Luffy more like a kid rather than a candidate for the king of Piracy. The last two movies  (and of course Oda on a good writing day)  succeed in balancing the beautiful paradox of Luffy's ability to be jolly and then ferocious and even occasionally a good commander. Luffy should be almost untouchable by now (by the marines). And he may not be the brightest, but under Oda's writing, there'd be no way he'd wander sheepishly alone into the heart of an island that nulls his powers.

I'd like to see Heart of Gold, do what Strong World and Z did best which is to highlight Luffy's strengths 'before' his weaknesess.

Who else didn't like Nebulandia?