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(especially for the people who only watch the anime)

Here are some of the big mysteries that we don't understand as of yet. Perhaps you all have some insight? These are all the ones I could think of, if you have any others I missed feel free to post them as a comment. Please nothing like "What is so and so's devil fruit power" because those are trivial things(ex: Doflamingo/ Dragon). I'm talking about mysteries that will have great impact on the story once they are finally revealed. Also there are some that I thought of but that some people may not deem important. These are up for debate and will be signaled by a ****.

1. What is the One Piece? Treasure? Emotional Treasure? The straw hat? (lol random prediction ftw)

2. What exactly is the Will of D.? Why do people with the name D. differ from anyone else?

3. What occured during the Void Century? What does the Rio Poneglyph tell the world? Why has the World Government covered this up for so long?

4. For what purpose were the ancient weapons, Pluton, ect., created? Simply to show off their might? Or to defeat or destroy something?****

5. Is Sabo alive? He may be dead. . . but is he? Lots of fans wish he was still alive. . .****

6. Why did Kuma agree to be a part of the governments human weapon expirement? What kind of deal did they make?

7. How is it that Blackbeard managed to take Whitebeard's devil fruit power from his corpse?

8. Who is Luffy's mother?****