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Honestly. Now to a certain point I understand stretching out an episode. But seriously?

Episode 497 that came out today was not a filler, yet it was. It was not a filler because most of what happened can be seen in the manga (chapter 585), therefore not being some BS the studio execs made up. These events, however, were not of the least significance in the manga. Somehow, four pages of disjointed, humorous images, were translated into a completely unimportant episode that is a good as a filler.

I had predicted that the arc of Luffy and Ace's past would be another 4 episodes, counting this one today (meaning there are 3 more). After this episode I'm pretty annoyed and also worried that now there'll be another 7 before we get to see all of the Straw Hats becoming beasts.

Now we all have to question whether of not the anime will be like this from now on. I can't think of any good reason they would only drag it out for the past arc and not any others. Whatever has been happening over in the Toei animation studio since the beginning of the Whitebeard War needs to stop, or else they'll be losing a lot of viewers. Plus, fans like the majority of us on this web site will be really frustrated with the anime.

Anyway, I know most of you thought this too. I just wanted to complain and post it.