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Here's something random I would like to ask all of you. Does anyone else find their thoughts so constantly consumed and awed by the awesomeness of One Piece that they have habits relating to One Piece? For example, lately I have been having irresistible urges to stick my thumb in my mouth and say "Gia Saado" to myself and pretend that my hand is getting bigger while I blow and say "Gomu Gomu no Gigant Rifle" as I pretend to be punching someone. This is regardless of whether or not any one is watching me like I'm crazy.

Before this I used to constantly say "Thunder Tempo!" and imagine lighting. Or me being Luffy breaking Odz's spine. I can never get the anime songs out of my head either! And who else has fun randomly saying Mugiwara no Luffy (it's so damn fun to say!!!!!!!)?

One of my friends is a fan of Bartholomew Kuma and has a habit of saying "Ursus Shock".

Anyone else have random One Piece tweaks brought on by the sheer awesomeness and influence this show has had on your life? I want to know what other One Piece references people can't stop thinking about and acting out.

Any attack, theme song, phrase, interesting laugh, or random thing is fine! What can you not stop thinking about and saying?