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  • SaintCoke

    Honestly. Now to a certain point I understand stretching out an episode. But seriously?

    Episode 497 that came out today was not a filler, yet it was. It was not a filler because most of what happened can be seen in the manga (chapter 585), therefore not being some BS the studio execs made up. These events, however, were not of the least significance in the manga. Somehow, four pages of disjointed, humorous images, were translated into a completely unimportant episode that is a good as a filler.

    I had predicted that the arc of Luffy and Ace's past would be another 4 episodes, counting this one today (meaning there are 3 more). After this episode I'm pretty annoyed and also worried that now there'll be another 7 before we get to see all of the…

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  • SaintCoke

    LOL WHAT?!?!?!?

    Luffy owns the Kraken and a shark randomly comes out. Perhaps it makes no sense, but could that be Camie after two years?. . . It's the same Crimin brand shirt, plus Camie has a habit of getting eaten by sea monsters! This is too much of a coincidence. Admitedly, I find it hard to believe that Camie's a shark thing now. . . but Oda always surprises us. Regardless of if that shark is Camie, it didn't come out of the Kraken for no reason. The shark'll do something at Fishman Island, me thinks. Thoughts?

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  • SaintCoke

    Here are some of the big mysteries that we don't understand as of yet. Perhaps you all have some insight? These are all the ones I could think of, if you have any others I missed feel free to post them as a comment. Please nothing like "What is so and so's devil fruit power" because those are trivial things(ex: Doflamingo/ Dragon). I'm talking about mysteries that will have great impact on the story once they are finally revealed. Also there are some that I thought of but that some people may not deem important. These are up for debate and will be signaled by a ****.

    1. What is the One Piece? Treasure? Emotional Treasure? The straw hat? (lol random prediction ftw)

    2. What exactly is the Will of D.? Why do people with the name D. differ from …

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  • SaintCoke

    Am I the Only One?

    October 3, 2010 by SaintCoke

    Here's something random I would like to ask all of you. Does anyone else find their thoughts so constantly consumed and awed by the awesomeness of One Piece that they have habits relating to One Piece? For example, lately I have been having irresistible urges to stick my thumb in my mouth and say "Gia Saado" to myself and pretend that my hand is getting bigger while I blow and say "Gomu Gomu no Gigant Rifle" as I pretend to be punching someone. This is regardless of whether or not any one is watching me like I'm crazy.

    Before this I used to constantly say "Thunder Tempo!" and imagine lighting. Or me being Luffy breaking Odz's spine. I can never get the anime songs out of my head either! And who else has fun randomly saying Mugiwara no Luffy…

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  • SaintCoke

    Something I've recently noticed is that there's been a lot of mentioning about how rough Luffy is being on his body. When he unleashed Gear Second to fight Rob Lucci, Lucci mentioned that by strengthening himself with this method he was shortening his "life itself". When fighting Moria in his giant shadow-fueled form Luffy earned complaints from his crew that he was being to hard on his body by going into both Gear Second and Third simultaneously. After that he lost 10 years of his life to survive Magellans poison. I'm guessing that by the end of One Piece this will have all built up to the point where Luffy knows he will die soon.

    The Straw Hats will be disbanded by Luffy and there will be a bunch of emotional drama. Then I'm guessing he'l…

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