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My Decided Return

First of all, before anything else, I'd like to say Hello. I'm SailorShiningLight, one of your resident One Piece lovers. As I've mentioned before, I make minor edits when it comes to site-related work. Mostly grammatical edits. But, hey, I believe it's the quality and not the quantity of the work that counts. And I try my best to improve the quality of many articles, as I'm sure everyone else here does.

For the past several months, I realize I haven't been on that much. This was result of lack of english fansubs. I was also really busy this year, as in September I'll be entering high school. Anyhow, I decided to give OP another chance and have again begun viewing the series. I'm near the end of the Skypiea Saga at the moment. (I know, I fail as a fan. XP) I'm doing this both because I enjoy this particular anime series and want to be reacquainted with it; and because I want to be a better help on here. So, expect to see a lot more of me on here. ^.~ (At least, I hope so. ^^')

On a completely unrelated note, I've been deprived of seeing any Sanji action since I started the Skypiea Saga. Uwa!!! *tears* (Mostly, cause I'm skipping any single episodes that I've seen already. Bad idea, maybe. *sigh*)

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