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We first saw Fishman Island in Chapter 607, and got in the interior of it in 608. Now, after 618, we saw 2/3 of our supposed villains, Hodi Jones and Vander Decken IX, shown that while they may or may not have been OHKO'd and Jones' lieutenants are still out there, they aren't really much to the top-tier Straw Hats.

Now, when we got to Skypedia, it was about the 18th chapter in before we saw Enel. So, this makes me think of them as the Wipers. I don't mean they are going to be redeemed, but they are the "apparent" threat, and people who signify racial conflict. But, this got me thinking: Who could be a main villain? So, I figured why not make this blog to ask the fine people of this wiki who they think is the real big cheese here.

I'll give an example: Say there's this merchant who lives near Shabondy. Real rich guy, deals in spices, weapons, slaves, what have you. And now, he wants Fishman Island. Why? For slaves, any resources, and to bring it into the WG fold as it's ruler (Think of those American businessmen who took over Hawaii). So, he hires a Mercenary, for this we'll use an escaped Level Six prisoner who built up a new crew and got back in shape. He sends this guy to take over the Island.

Now, it [i]needs[/i] to be said that about this guy and his crew that the Straw Hats could not have possibly beaten them before the Time Skip to hype them up and to reasonably give the SH's a real fight. And after he end, he signals for the Merchant to come over (Taking with him down), where he is dealt with.

But, that's just something I made up. Wiki posters, tell me who you think it is. Jones, Decken or Caribou, who despite their shoddy showings after Chapter 618 still are the main villains? A new Shichibukai? A Squardo-like figure for Yonkou? Someone else? Who knows.