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  • S.C. Amigo

    All right, so Koei and Omega Force are gearing up for their spin of their classic "Warriors/Musou" series for One Piece. So, like in the last anime spin of Fist of the Norht Star: Ken's Rage/Hokutou Musou, the story mode was a lot of Kenshiro, and smaller ones for other characters. I think that's going to happen here. So, I mapped out the main path for the Straw Hats and ones for both Blackbeard and Crocodile. Enjoy and please comment on your own paths:

    Straw Hats:

    1. Battle of Shell Town*

    -Forces: Straw Hat Pirates w/ either Rebelling Marines or Shell Town Millitia [Luffy] VS Marine Forces [Morgan (Unique NPC)]

    2. Battle of Orange Town

    -Forces: Straw Hat Pirates w/ Orange Town Millitia [Luffy] VS Buggy Pirates [Buggy (Possible Unique NPC)]

    3. …

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  • S.C. Amigo

    We first saw Fishman Island in Chapter 607, and got in the interior of it in 608. Now, after 618, we saw 2/3 of our supposed villains, Hodi Jones and Vander Decken IX, shown that while they may or may not have been OHKO'd and Jones' lieutenants are still out there, they aren't really much to the top-tier Straw Hats.

    Now, when we got to Skypedia, it was about the 18th chapter in before we saw Enel. So, this makes me think of them as the Wipers. I don't mean they are going to be redeemed, but they are the "apparent" threat, and people who signify racial conflict. But, this got me thinking: Who could be a main villain? So, I figured why not make this blog to ask the fine people of this wiki who they think is the real big cheese here.

    I'll give …

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  • S.C. Amigo

    So, Buggy Nolastnamegiven got a mysterious message from the World Government. Many think it's an invitation to join the Shichibukai, after Buggy got a massive rep boost and no one just happens to remember the times he looked like a loser in the war. With added crew members from ID, the WG seems to think it's better to have him where they can watch him.

    But, unlike the WG, we know Buggy is a weakling in the grand scheme of things and has a very low bounty & doesn't have a Animal motif, like the other Shichis. But, it's likely been raised after the ID breakout & his past revealed (At least 100 mil +), Blackbeard didn't have one either and...... Take a look at this:

    As we see, the …

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  • S.C. Amigo

    Now that Part 1 of One Piece is done and we move onto the second part, I was wondering about something. For such a hyped-up power, when you think about it, the Yami Yami no Mi is borderline useless. It draws everything toward you, makes you feel twice the amount of pain you would normally feel and it seems you can't directly attack with it. The nullification of other DFs is nice, but besides that it's almost a handicap. Then, I thought about something.

    Remember when we saw Ace showing Whitebeard Luffy's first bounty? That couldn't have happened until around the Straw Hats got to or off Reverse Mountain. And this: timeline shows that from them touching down into the Grand Line to his and Ace's c…

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  • S.C. Amigo

    I was re-reading Chapter 609 today, but ( these words by Keimi made me think a little.

    Fishman Island on the whole seems rather peaceful, much different then the war-torn hellhole I thought it was going to be after Whitebeard died. Although there hasn't been any menntion of another Yonkou owning the Island, I kind of wonder if the Merman and Fishman rulers might be paying off groups like the New Fishman Pirates & maybe van der Decken's crew to try and kill off as much people coming to the Island, so they can handle the ones that do survive and try to stir the shitpot with more ease.

    I mean, the three Princes seem like decent people, but it is kind of understandable if none of the Yonkou took …

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