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Dear Ryu-Chan,

I'm endlessly excited about the twist in this week's chapter! Sanji in Nami's body, Chopper in Sanji's body, Nami is Franky's body, Franky in Choppers body, and Zoidberg in Fry's body! It was totally pajamas! Now, TOPIC OF DISCUSSION NUMBER 1: What will the Swapped Hat Pirates do in their new body? I mean, we all know what Sanji'll do. I gues the big question is, will Franky take off Chopper's pants? TOPIC OF DISCUSSION NUMBER 2: If Law decides to swap around with Luffy, Robin, Zoro, Usopp and Brook... who will get stuck in who's body? (Yes, that's propper grammar.) Personally, I'm hoping Luffy gets stuck in Robin's body. And the Zoro will get caught in Usopp's body. Brook in Zoro, Usopp in Luffy, Robin in Brook. TOPIC OF DISCUSSION NUMBER 3: Imagination time! Which characters would you like to see trapped in another's body? I would love to see Boa Hancock trapped in the body of Shu. Or better yet, Shu trapped in the body of Boa Hancock. Or what about Shanks trapped in the body of Gildarts?

Love, readers

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