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UPDATE: FUNimation has announced Season 9, 10, and 11 on their site. Season 9 will go through 574, and Season 10 will go through 625. The craziest part is that Season 11 will be the first half of Dressrosa, ending at 685. Which is ONE EPISODE off of my prediction. But buckle your seatbelts, people, because we're likely about to experience a One Piece dub catch-up.

Dear Dub Enthusiasts,

A year ago today, I made predictions about exactly when each FUNimation DVD would come out up to the most recent episode of Dressrosa. This year, I plan to do the exact same thing. Because my predictions were way off! They're churning out a lot quicker than I had anticipated. So, now that an entire season has come out in just a year, here's a more generous prediction.

Season 8 (Marineford-Post War) Season 9 (Return to Sabaody - Fishman Island) Season 10 (Punk Hazard) Season 11 (Dressrosa Part 1) Season 12 (Dressrosa Part 2)

Voyage 1 (457-468)

July 2016

May 2016

Voyage 1 (517-530)

June 2017


Voyage 1 (579-590)

May 2018

Voyage 1 (626-638)

March 2019

Voyage 1 (687-698)

January 2020

Voyage 2 (469-480)

September 2016

July 2016

Voyage 2 (531-542)

August 2017


Voyage 2 (591-602)

July 2018

Voyage 2 (639-650)

May 2019

Voyage 2 (699-710)

March 2020

Voyage 3 (481-492)

October 2016

September 2016

Voyage 3 (543-554)

September 2017

October 2017

Voyage 3 (603-614)

August 2018

Voyage 3 (651-662)

June 2019

Voyage 3 (711-722)

April 2020

Voyage 4 (493-504)

December 2016

November 2016

Voyage 4 (555-566)

November 2017

Voyage 4 (615-625)

October 2018

Voyage 4 (663-674)

August 2019

Voyage 4 (723-734)

June 2020

Voyage 5 (505-516)

January 2017

December 2016

Voyage 5 (567-578)

December 2017

Voyage 5 (675-686)

September 2019

This is a whole 3 years sooner than I projected last time. I'm going to constantly check back on this list to see what I got right last time. And, while I'm predicting things:

Collection Sixteen

Bartholomew Kuma


Collection Twenty

Portgas D. Ace


Collection Twenty-Four


Collection Twenty-Eight

Nico Robin

Collection Seventeen

Boa Hancock


Collection Twenty-One


Collection Twenty-Five


Collection Twenty-Nine


Collection Eighteen



Collection Twenty-Two

Monkey D. Luffy

Collection Twenty-Six


Collection Thirty


Collection Nineteen



Collection Twenty-Three

Roranoa Zoro

Collection Twenty-Seven

Tony Tony Chopper

Badabing. Let's see how wrong I am.

Now last year when I did this, there was talk of a possible broadcast dub of One Piece (which is, if you didn't know, a simulcast dub with the Japanese release). Since then, they have admitted that idea is very unrealistic. One Piece has a very large cast of consistant characters. Sure, they can schedule John Swasey to record 20 episodes at once. But can they get him to record one line a week for 2 years? Can they get everybody in the booth every week? Especially because you never know when Bellamy's going to come back sudden.

This has been a good year for One Piece in America, so here's hoping for about 10 more.

Love, Ryu