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Dear impatient bums,

In case you haven't heard, Ryu's Dailies are a no-no. But DP and I settled and I'm allowed a weekly. I was planning on updating "Ryu's Weekly Dailies" every Sunday, but if it's not daily and not a new chapter, I highly doubt anyone cares. So this is an Occasionally, updated whenever I have something you guys give a crap about. And you guys con't give very many craps. You're pretty care-stipated. Never the slightly-less, here we have the first 1/3 of chapter 2, just because I'm taking too long. Does anyone know when football season ends? Because marching band seasons ends at the same time. Once marching band is over, I'll have plenty of time for the comic. In other news, does anyone care about the Doodle of the Ancients series? That's when I post my original sketches for the comic? Because if nobody wants to see them, there's no point in showing them. And for today's One Piece related poll, the coolest men give themselves nicknames!

Chapter 1 1/3?

What's Sanji's best self-given nickname?

The poll was created at 03:34 on October 13, 2011, and so far 11 people voted.

Love, gonna go poop after I mash "publish", Ryu-Chan